This website is dedicated to our families & friends

– those who made its existence possible in the first place. With deep gratitude we want to thank you for your loving support at all times.

Dagmar & Claus Camphausen

Peter, Rita & Rolf, Stina

Love, Peace and Joy


by the love of God
the wonders of nature
the beauty of the plants
the music of the universe
the magic of every moment

Very, very seldom in your life – when thinking about a new project, something greater happens with this idea through the people who you invite and meet on your way to the realization of that idea.

You realize that the love for your business, your ideas, the hope for the future of your company, the way you look through a camera lens is deeply understood by another person and transformed into something much more beautiful than you had ever expected it to become.

This is what happened to me with one person on this way.


for the hundreds of hours she has spent on this project, the many, many hours working side by side with me, visiting the nursery in day- and starlight, trying to understand my ideas, my deep love for the plants and my way of living with them…

with gratitude, I have to say…


you did an awesome job !